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Preventive Care

Preventive Care vs Reactive Care


Chiropractic preventive care addresses the “Let sleeping dogs lie” approach to health care! I feel fine. Why do I need to see a doctor?

Chiropractic preventive care - many health problems fester without serious symptoms, making correction more difficult later.

This the problem with lifestyle-induced health problems today. Our lack of time and sedentary habits sitting at computer desks and watching 'screens' for long hours, allow health issues to quietly fester in the background, worsening slowly over time, often without any obvious symptom. Every morning you get out of bed a little bit slower and stiffer. You hardly notice the incremental changes.

Getting adjusted to rid the pain is always going to be the priority of care and often it may take just one or sometimes a few sessions to rid the pain.The cause of the break down and the cumulative trauma to the tissue may still be present.

In preventative care we aim to keep the spine and extremities functioning at their optimum and at improving the bio-mechanics of the patient so that they can become more active and remain so. Its like changing the oil in your car. Ironically, we may look after our cars better than we do ourselves!