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Chiropractic Techniques

Scofield Clinic Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic is a science and art that corrects various aches and pains resulting from one or more misaligned vertebrae or other joints. These misalignments are corrected manually by hand or instrument. When these misalignments involve nerve interference, we call them subluxations. 

Different Techniques

Different approaches or techniques can be used to get the desired results. The technique and chiropractic treatments implemented will depend on the patient, the type of misalignment, the area being adjusted and the chiropractor’s training.

Many Chiropractors will extend their studies beyond graduation to specialize in other chiropractic techniques to broaden their field of knowledge and expertise.

Depending on the patient and the afflicted area, a very specific, controlled thrust using the hands may be used to achieve the movement required while at other times, a constant pressure applied correctly may move the joint.

Adjusting instruments in chiropractic alignment are also becoming more popular as they are designed to deliver a very precise and effective adjustment which does not require the popping sound often associated with the chiropractic correction.

The Feeling Of Release

Most patients report a sense of well-being and release after a back adjustment.

chiropractic adjustmentsLike taking a weight off your shoulders, our patients often report experiencing a sense of relief after adjustments.
chiropractor activatorAdjustment tools are often utilised too.

Subluxations may result in pinching of the nerves as they pass between the vertebrae which then results in aches and pains - even numbness.

scofield clinic chiropractic techniques

Chiropractic Techniques with a gentle hands-on approach

Chiropractors correct subluxations with gentle adjustments which involve realigning the vertebrae and restoring movement to the joint involved. The adjustment is usually done by applying a very fast, very shallow precise thrust to restore its position and mobility. This correction can also be accomplished by light constant pressure or even using an instrument that is specifically engineered to move the bone as effectively and as gently as possible.

By restoring the position and movement of the joint, chiropractic care targets the actual cause of the pain. When normal movement is restored, it becomes a very successful way to eliminate back pain for thousands of people every year in the UK.

If you are suffering from back pain you are not alone.

Government studies show that low back pain alone affects 80% of the population at least once in their lifetime.

Our clinic draws from a variety of approaches and treatment methods in targeting your pain. Dr Nothling is trained in over 17 methods or techniques so he is able to adapt treatment according to the circumstances and take a much broader approach in choosing the best therapy for your condition.

Our clinic offers not only chiropractic care but also exercise therapy. We believe in taking the patient all the way to their full potential by showing them how to stop the cycle of reoccurring pain and a way to help themselves maintain an optimized body for a better quality of life.

Some of the more commonly known chiropractic techniques that Dr Nothling is qualified to use are:

    • Gonstead
    • SOT
    • Instrument Adjusting
    • Asher
    • Grastin
    • Spinal Decompression

Although we are very skilled in finding the misalignments and distorted movement in your body, we do not know what its like to live in that body. That is why we listen carefully to all feedback that the patients provide. Together, we choose the treatment approach that the patient feels comfortable with while producing the desired outcome and results.

Everyone Benefits

Dr. Nothling has trained in over 17 techniques or approaches. He adapts treatment to the patient’s size, age and ailment.

Book a consultation and the doctor will explain all your options so you so you can make an informed decision on how chiropractic can help you.

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