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Chiropractor Hip Pain Adjustment

Chiropractor Hip Pain Adjustment and Treatment

Many people misconstrue the hips with the pelvis. The hips sit in the groin area and attached to the pelvis via the coxa joints. (Hip joints)

Hip Adjustments
Hip Pain

Apart from traumatic injury, birth defects or disease processes disease processes, which are rare, hip pain is usually from wear and tear. It affects many of the elderly and accounts for thousands of surgeries yearly.  Hip pain in children is very rare without a traumatic cause. If you experience hip pain that doesn’t seem to get better, you should always seek medical opinion.

Most common causes of hip pain:

  • First indicators of hip wear and tear is usually a lack of full range of motion. During a physical exam the chiropractor will check for this first by gently putting the hips through their range of motion and looking for imbalances between the two hips. He will also check to see if the joints have full movement.  
  • Hip pain starts later and usually starts as twinges in the groin when doing certain movements and is normally accompanied with stiffness. The pain is often referred down the front of the leg into the knee.
  • Depending on the severity of the wear and tear, treatment usually consists of gentle mobilization and correcting any pelvic misalignments. Distortions in the upper part of the lumbar spine can also cause hip pain as the nerve flow to the hip, groin and the knee come off this part of the spine.