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Emergency Back Pain Relief

Emergency Back Pain Relief Tips

Sometimes you find your back goes out over a weekend or public holiday and you can't get to see your chiropractor immediately for treatment. The COVID - 19 shut down was a more severe example where treatment was not readily available for an extended period. Dr Nothling has put together a number of  videos showing some basic exercises you can try and some self adjustments you can use to help manage your back pain while you wait for your appointment. 

Chiropractic is probably best known for its quick results compared to most other therapies. Many patients get instant relief from pain when the spine or joint is released after an adjustment. Of course, not all cases are that easy to resolve and some require more time and treatment.
Different tissues heal and remould at different rates and the extent and type of injury will play a major role on time frames. In some cases, just restoring normal movement patterns and just knowing how a repetitive injury is occurring takes pain levels down instantly.

Inflammation and muscle spasm that goes along with most back pain can be very debilitating. Taking it easy while the initial inflammation settles is a good idea but resting for more than a day is probably not a good idea as this can do more harm. Knowing what movement to avoid and how to care for the back during this period is a great help as this will speed up over all recovery and get you out of pain a lot faster. Its best to keep moving and to seek help from a trained professional such as a chiropractor especially if its something that re occurs periodically or doesn’t settle within a reasonable time.

Your back is designed for movement. The sooner you get back to normal activity, the sooner your back will feel better. The people who cope best are those who stay active and get on with their life despite the pain.Early treatment will get you better faster.

Here are a Few Emergency Pain Techniques Filmed During The Covid-19 Lockdown and Posted to the Scofield Chiroractic Facebook Page

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Stretches for the pelvis and hamstrings without stressing the low back

Some more exercises and stretches for the traps, shoulders and neck